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These actors, stunt workers, and crew members showed up for what they thought was just another day at work, only to lose their lives in some of the most bizarre ways imaginable.

Veteran English actor Oliver Reed died before finishing all of his scenes for Ridley Scott's 2000 epic Gladiator. This forced Scott to engage in some digital trickery with outtakes to depict the death of Reed's character, gladiator handler Proximo. But the circumstances surrounding Reed's death serve to illustrate two things about the man: he was every bit as tough as his onscreen persona suggested, and he was a bit too fond of liquor for his own good.

The film was shot on location in Malta, and on the night before he was to shoot his final scenes, Reed celebrated by dropping in on a local pub. He put down eight pints of lager before moving on to a dozen double shots of rum and half a bottle of whiskey. Then he proceeded to take on a crew of British Navy sailors in an arm-wrestling contest, defeating them all before finally preparing to retire for the night. But after decades of such behavior, Reed's body had finally had enough. He suffered a massive heart attack, and dropped dead on the spot. The pub where he died has come to be known as "Ollie's Last Pub." Fans the world over come through to browse its collection of memorabilia, have a pint or three, and pay tribute to one of the most legendary tough guys in film history.

The on-set accident that claimed the life of Brandon Lee, son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, is among the most famous in Hollywood history. But it's the details leading up to the event that make it truly eerie. The elder Lee was convinced that his family carried an ancient curse in the form of a demon who would pursue its male members relentlessly, which was a main plot point in the 1993 biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. One of its final scenes implies that the curse would carry over to Brandon. It was only a year after that film's release that the younger Lee met his shocking demise. Keep watching the video to see more about the lives tragically lost while filming a movie.

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