The description of Развитие пчелопакета. Работа №6: Формирование отводка на печатном маточнике.

The development of bee packages. Summer work in the apiary. Using the layering reproduction of bee colonies. Work №6: Formation of layering printed on liquor. Buckfast bee packages.
In this video I show how I form slips printed brood and bees sitting on the frame with print queen cells in the adjacent hive. Slips are generated as soon as the bees have sealed queen cells in the upper body in the main bee colonies. The lower housing also works fetal uterus.
The main bee colonies do the following with the extension of the scope of sushyu and honeycombs. The upper body is expanded to the full and will not be until the end of June to trouble bee colonies with inspections 1 time per week.
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