The description of 10 Years Of Intel Cpus Benchmarked: I7-930, 2600k, 4790k, & Everything Since (2020)

Intel's last decade started off with the launch of one of the best CPUs Intel has made, but stagnated in the middle and ended tempestuously. Here's a decade of Intel CPUs benchmarked.
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This is the last time we are using this testing methodology, most likely. It's about to be retired and replaced with a fully new set of tests and methods, so we wanted to send it out on a high note.

Benchmarking a decade of Intel CPU launches was an exhaustive task, but we've got most of the major i5 and i7 launches (a few skipped ones, like the 3770K) and a couple of key AMD parts. This is "10 years of Intel," so we focused on plotting Intel component scaling generationally, price creep generationally, and price-to-price gains in performance. AMD isn't the focus of the piece since we really want to narrow-in on Intel's story for the last 10 years, including its triumphant start to the decade, its asymptotic curve in the middle, and its tumultuous final years in the 2010s. AMD gets appearances for perspective of what Intel must battle today, so that'd be relegated to the 3000 series, including the AMD R5 3600, AMD R7 3700X, and occasionally the AMD R9 3950X.

This benchmarking revisits most of the CPUs from Intels last ten years, but heavily features the following:

Intel Core i5-2500K & Core i7-2600K in 2020
Intel Core i5-3570K
Intel Core i5-4690K, Core i7-4790K in 2020
Intel Core i7-5775C, Core i5-6600K, Core i7-6700K
Intel Core i5-7600K, i7-7700K
Intel Core i5-8400, i7-8700K
Intel Core i5-9600K, i7-9700K, i9-9900K

We also occasionally feature the earlier mentioned AMD parts, but they're not the focus of this one.

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00:00 - Introduction & last round of this methodology
03:50 - Game Benchmarks (Old vs. New Games)
19:00 - Production Benchmarks (Blender, Premiere, 7-Zip)
26:30 - Conclusions

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Editorial, Test Lead, Host: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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